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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  July 4, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a young bay area woman shot and killed at random. the feds want today deport the suspect month ace go but san francisco refused to hand him over, and fighting against a new vaccine law. the new push to get it overturned. plus a new kind of high ham, what happen today one local woman. happy fourth of july. it is 7:00 a.m. it might be hard to see the fireworks in some parts of the day tonight. >> yes, it is a bit cloudy jute out--cloudy outside.
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in san jose, you can see the clouds and here in the city, i saw drizzle. the temperatures are mild, upper 50s, lower 60s all around the bay area. so what to expect for the holiday ahead, sunshine inland later today but this morning, areas of fog and drizzle and it is going to remain cloudy near the coast. we will have a closer look at that fireworks forecast coming up. well tonight, the skies above are going to be lit up with dazzling fireworks and this is what it looked like last year at pier 50. organizers have been-0 organizers have been putting 9 finishing touches on the show. 10,000 fireworks will be lawned at this year's show. hopefully it will be new and improved. >> this year, a few different colors and effects but we need people to come out and take a look at that. >> reporter: you are not revealing the secret? >> no, i am not. >> show starts at 9:30 p.m. the best viewing is near pier
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39. and if you are planning on spending the fourth in san francisco, heads up, ping meters and street sweeping will be enforced. and as for santa cruz county, they have a shark warning at the state beach. the signs were posted earlier in the week after ten sharks were seen swimming north of the cement shift in after toes. now we have a complete list of fourth of july fireworks and events over at well, a man accused of killing kate stein i will has been out of downkale and free to walk the streets for ten weeks. >> yes, we went to the jail to get a look into san francisco's city policy. >> reporter: francisco sanchez was booked into the san francisco county jail in march, hardly his first time getting fingerprinted. behind him, a long criminal
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history, seven felony convictions, most of them involving drug charges. he has served his time but official the wanted him back in their custody. they asked san francisco to notify them if he got out of jail. what to you think about this man? >> well, i guess i say everything things, there is no legal basis to hold him. >> reporter: that is because san francisco is a sanction ware city, it means that a city does not help with immigration investigations or arrests unless ryed by law or a warrant. >> there is no city in america that has been more creative about trying to avoid helping united states emigration. >> reporter: david camp.has been a supporter of san francisco's policy. he wrote legislation to expand it in 2009, to protect young,
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undocumented immigrants. he did not return my messages on the phone or via text. text the supervisor read but never responded to. there was no answer at his home, either. my colleague did catch up with another san francisco super- viator. >> i am not--soup viator. >> i am not--sue visor. >> i am not going--soup visor. >> i am not going to- -supervisor. >> i am not going to address that. >> kate's father says he will not be distracted by the suspect's past. he wants to stay focused on his daughter's memory. >> the justice will work its way through the system. but our foe does is on kate. i nicknamed her photo, you can see the photo--her pretty, you can see the photo. the relationship between a father and a daughter, it is no more or less, but it is different and it is special, the memorial for her tells me
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that you know, love is going win over evil. >> heart breaking story. her dad says he wants to thank everybody, it helps the family. san francisco became a sanction ware city in 1989. in 2008a man and his two sons were shot and killed in their car. the suspect was in the country illegally and had several run ins with the police but the city didn't report him to immigration. well a group of bay area teens is in big trouble for a prank involving paint balls. they attacked a homeless encampment in san francisco on thursday night. it was a drive by shooting. paint balls are in the bullets but they are not harmless, either. one woman was left with a big bruise on her back. >> hopefully thigh will learn
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not to go--hopefully they will learn not to terrorize them. >> the police are investigating whether they are behind other paint ball attacks in the city last week. there have been at least three problems in the mission district and two others in the bay view. well, a terrifying scene inside of a jewelry store after robbers held a 4-year-old boy at gunpoint. the boy was with his mother when the two robbers stormed inside. now the police say that grabbed the boy and threatened to shoot if the jeweler did not hand over the keys to the dis-lay cases. the owner complied and the boy was released. the robbers are still on the louis with the stolen jewelry, a high school track coach is arrested after coming back from vacation, the charge, having a sexual relationship with a student. 64-year-old steven coached the 17-year-old for past several years. the teen's mother alerted
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authorities after finding text messages on her daughter's phone. he is also a retired south san francisco fire captain. well, the government signed a law requiring most california kids to be vaccinated. but the fight is not over. some filed a petition to put the law on hold. some will try to collect enough signatures to put the issue on the ballot. protestors march at the golden gate bridge this week calling for the law to be repealed. power bills are going up for people who use less power and those who use the most are actually getting a break. we asked the puc why. >> reporter: they are saying this is actually a fix, a more fair system, low use households pay so little right now, it is not enough to cover the cost of energy they do use. so high use households actually subsidize them. but critics say the new rate plan penalized those who conserve.
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are your rates going to go up in tier one or two? >> it depends on the utility and it depends upon whether or not you have to increase your energy use because of the heat. if all things did stay the same, some people will start to pay their more fair share of the cost of operating the grid. >> we think that customers should be rewarded for saying energy, not punished. >> most of the rate payers are going to seen increase in their monthly bill so that the high end users, most of them, they will get a discount. >> now the utility reform network also criticized the them for changing the propose the late on wednesday and then bringing it up for a vote on a federal holiday. they expert most of the customers will see they o their bills increase. happening today, people in
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san francisco will groove to the sights and sounds of the jazz festival. it runs today and tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. along fill moore street between jackson and eddie. now on the opposite coast, joe williams chestnut--joe chestnut is getting ready to eat at the hot dog eating contest. now yesterday he was at the weigh in ceremonies. this is the events 999--99th year: and now this graduate is striving for excellence in a news room. >> just when you thought there was no place left for a go proto-go, see what--go pro to go, look at the back of a sea turtle. >> the giants try to find the win column in dc and how did
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tiger woods do? well, we will find out. that is coming up in sports. >> and a look from count vac kaitlyn this morning. looking--mount vaca this morn
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after losing three straight games, i am sure that the giants were very happy to have a guy on the mound they had not seen in a long time. jake is back in action. we saw him back on april 17th. the became was scorious--the game was scoreless until the seventh. it is a solo shot to center. .city has homered in three of his past four games of the bottom of the inning, still working that shutdown but the fun--shutout, the fun is spoiled. the giants have now lost four straight fames. and--straight games. and now the as and mariners, they are loving it. billy doubles down the line in
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right. the as were up 3-0. the mariners baths heated up big time. smith with a home run to right field. and they hang on for the 9-5 win the. and d-win. and now golf, tiger woods is looking chill out there, a little up and down day for woods. how about this one, that is a down moment, into the drink. and now how about this beautiful shot, he almost spins this one back into the cup. tiger made the putt to say par, he was one under and goes into the weekend four shots off of the lead. all right, there you go . pgh that your morning sports. --that you know that your morning sports. well, if you are going to get seth curry's new shoes, good luck. getting a pair of the two new colors, they were released online yesterday. the first in golden state warriors, koa hours,--collars,
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the second in--colories. and now--collars. and now--colors: they are going for $110. a plane that is powered only by the sun has just completed a histor flight across the tray sick ocean. it touched down in hawaii after 118 hours over the pacific ocean. that is the record for the longest non stop solar flight in history. it used only the sun for fuel. the next stop, phoenix. plenty of sun there. yes, but not this morning, at least not from this camera, looking at the bay bridge to start off the day. we have some fog here on this fourth of july morning. we are seeing this through around much of the bay area. so today, afternoon sunshine bay and inland and the fog is moving out of here. the highs are seasonal and tire works for--and fireworks for the celebrations tonight, it is
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the better viewing aaway from the coast. --away from the coast. and santa clara, 83. 81 in redwood city. fremont, 82-degrees today. out in brentwood, 92-degrees. walnut creek, 88. pleasant hill, 90-degrees. berkeley, you are going to get to 67. 65 in san francisco for our high today. nannied and in the north--and in the north bay, 80-degrees. we are cooling into sunday and the first half of the workweek. it is going to start to cloud up tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. but then the sunshine returns into the ends of our workweek. and of course, the big question, and forge fireworks, what it is going look like today? if you are arnold the bay in san francisco, we are going to have low clouds, maybe hard to see the fireworks tonight, 58- degrees. much clearer inland, 6 #
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degrees and clear--68-degrees and clear sky. a surprising discovery for a farmer in china, he took cay of the puppies that he was raising, they actually turned out to be bears. he got them very young and he was told that they were dogs. but two years later, it became very clear that they were bears, yes, they were protected asian black bears in fact. they have been doe fated to a wildlife organization. >> keep them. >> yes, that would be quite a shocker. i don't know how great of idea that might be. yes, and we are going to have an adoptable dog joining us in the next half hour, he is not a bear, we are sure of it. and take a look at this video, seep through the eyes of a sea turtle. a camera was atamp today that tort--attached to that turtle's back. it captured the reef barrier. and the goal is to find out why hundreds of turtles have died in the area in the last four year. >> it is actually cool videos.
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>> i right there. >> what a dream. overcoming great odds. meet a young man who has lived through times of war, helped feed his fami
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different recipes, but in the summertime, double the amount of recipes, all of the grilling, all of the wonderful salads, and in the melon salads, it tastes great. i use it about any time this time of the year, but when you buy hem, make sure it is green like this, all the way around. it is boing to give out that wonderful smell. when you bring them home, stir them into the refrigerator, open up the bag and it will last maybe two other three days that day. the lodger you hold it in the re---the longer you hold it, it is going to go down in nutritional value and the flavor. it is on the market this time of the year, use it on everything. i am your fresh grocer, almost everything. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> all right, it looks good, thanks, tony. and now a live look inland. it is cloudy, it is foggy right now, but we are going to see plenty of sunshine inland later
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today. really nice, if not hot weather for the county fair and that might be your best chance for fireworks around the bay area, they are going to have a big show going on later on tonight and skies should be clear. well, a mayor u.s. airlines just charging too much for air fare, the department of justice thinks is a. the doj is investigating whether the airlines conspired to limit available seats and keep fares high. well in the past, they found the airlines public comments to be a form of collusion. but one says that the airlines have learned. >> airlines talk about their changes in response to wall street analyst's questions. so it is standard practice and we see this in other businesses such as retail and manufacturing. there is nothing unusual taking place here, airlines load their
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schedules 11 months in advance. >> four airlines, american, united, southwest, and delta control more than 80% of u.s. seats. now three of then confirmed they got letters from the doj. well this week's students rising above is starting a career in something that we know, tv news. >> four years ago he recollects off to college. but as we look at, his journey started way before then on the other side of the world. >> reporter: not everyone gets to graduate near the washington monument, unless you go to george washington, university, like [ inaudible ] >> you are walking there past the white house and the washington monument and you have lincoln on the other side and you look around like what am i doing here? sometimes it is kind of, i have to pinch myself as well to see that this is not a dream, to see that this is real. and you know, when i really think about it, where i was, and where i am now, it is how
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did that happen? >> reporter: he was born in kabul, afghanistan, but we met him four years ago when he was a senior in concord. >> it is wonderful, it is amazing that he is here. to go through the stress and struggle. >> reporter: this photo shows him as a baby, here, in the traditional afghan style. they lived in constant fear of the taliban. >> my had blankets against the windows just in case a bullet went by, the glass would not come through the window and hurt us. i would tug on the blanket telling my mom to take it down. >> reporter: they home was bombed, killing hiss grandfather and hurting his father and motherrer. so they--father. so they went to pakistan. he was 6-years-old when he went to work to help feed the
7:24 am
family. >> one day, finding out that we were coming here, words cannot describe that feeling. >> reporter: in concord, he enrolled in school, he could not read or write, or speak english, but he did well enough to get a scholarship to a college prep school. then he got into george washington university and when he graduated-- >> my mom was crying, tears of joy, happinessnd you know, it is not just me going through all of this, it was her, too, and my father, and my sib sib- -my siblings, as well. my background, especially my personal background and you know, now being here in america, i think it is going to be very important and i think we need those kind of fresh ideas in the news room. >> reporter: who knows, some day we may be watching him on
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the news. >> yes, he might be our boss. to find ways to help students like him, go to well, they are crucially just feet apart on this news set. but this week, two of our anchors are just a few hospital rooms apart celebrating brand new bundles of joy. >> yes, frank texted in on the moms and the newest members of our kpix5 family. >> yes, it has been a big week for the morning team. we just grew by two. time to meet the little ones. got the--got the flowers and gifts. and hello, mama. >> hi. >> rough. >> i am good. --hi? >> how are you? >> i am good. >> four girls in the house how. my husband, poor thing. she came out crying a lot, which actually, it made my smile because you know, you want to hear your pay by cry when she comes out.
7:26 am
but she didn't stop for hours. now she is came. >> sierra was born yesterday. one day prior, our traffic gal, elizabeth gave birth to her firth child. let's go meet lauren. >> hi, guys. i bring goodies. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> she is amazing. she is just this little miracle. >> and now the work begins. >> yes, you are right. >> so we say good-bye to michelle and elizabeth, at least for the summer, they are on fume mama watch and they will be back some time in the fall. i am frank. >> oh, so exciting and they both look beautiful. you are wearing make up in the hospital, i am imless the. >> did you see the hair on that one baby? >> yes, one of my best friends is in labor right now, she has been in labor for about 36 hours, we are waiting for baby mitchell to come out.
7:27 am
come on, mitchell, we want to meet you. well, the bay area and the nation are heading into the independence day holiday on a higher alert. security is beefed up an authorities are take nothing chances. >> and--are taking no chances. >> and here is a live shot at san jose this morning. some
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live from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. welcome back. just about 7:30 a.m. on this saturday morning. fourth of july, good morning. i am mark kelly. >> and i am anne. we have a cloudy start. now a live look right now, this is the bridge, and it is a little foggy, cloudy out there, temperatures in the low 60s to upper 50s all around the bay area. spieled right now, and skies will--so mild right now and the skies will be clearing after the fog heads out of there, especially inland and then in the south bay, we are going to see plenty of sunshine later today. remaining cloudy, though, at the coast. a closer look at the fireworks forecast coming up. a warning from the f.b.i. of a terror threat has the police departments from coast- to-coast beefing up patrols this holiday weekend. there is no evidence of an attack but officials are on
7:31 am
high alert in new york, where the festivities are expected to draw about 3 million people. police say nay will be closely monitoring 7000 cameras. >> this may be maybe the most complex counterterrorism overlay for this event, every. >> the f.b.i. bulletin followed deadly attacks last week in several locations. and if you are traveling this weekend, according to aaa nearly 42 million americans plan to drive 50 miles or more from home. >> ex-mr. police are expected- -extra police are expected to be on the streetings tonight and it may not be enough. >> reporter: in oakland, legal fireworks on one side of the city, and a host of illegal shows all over town? you cannot stop it and it is really loud. >> dude, it is bad. >> reporter: this oak hand man, it is very scary.
7:32 am
>> i am an army vet. >> reporter: for him, this sounds like war. >> boom. boom. it is like really loud and it is like three to four at a time. >> reporter: doc says some of his friends have start today post these signs on their homes. asking people to be courteous. >> i know a lot of people go to chinatown because they sell them out of the back of the shops and stuff. >> reporter: on wednesday, police took $50,000 of illegal fireworks from a home in east oakland. authorities say that shows are only going to ramp up tomorrow. >> you know, lock down, or crack down on the people. >> reporter: they will have extra officers on the street. but not enough to focus on just fireworks. today's celebration will mean food, music, and fireworks all around the bay. san francisco will start at noon along the waterfront and then fireworks at 9:30 p.m. tonight, if you are spending
7:33 am
the fourth in san francisco, parking meters and street sweeping will be enforced. san jose is kicking off their rose, white, and blue parade, that is supposed to be red? >> no, rose white, and blue. it is starting at 10:00 a.m. if you are thinking of setting off illegal fireworks in san jose, be warned, you can face a fine up to $1000. they are stepping up the police and fire patrols to knock out illegal displays. now the authorities say that the foothill is dry right now, it would take just one stray firework to spark a major blaze. so we is a complete list of fireworks and events online. a lot of people are going to be hitting the beach this weekend. but it is not only to enjoy the sand and surf. >> we are hoping to see some
7:34 am
sharks. >> i want today walk over here to see the sharks. >> reporter: it is the latest attraction. >> because you know that they are out there. >> reporter: they are definitely out there, up to 5 young great--occupy to 15--up to 15 great white sharks have been spotted in the past week. and biologists paddled out to get a closer look. warning signs are posted, alerting beach goers. >> i mean, we go in the water all the time. but i would be a little hesitant to. >> reporter: so the signs say you should not get into the water. but if you are coming here, do you really want to get into the water, no one is going to stop you. the state park will be patrolling along the coast. and there has been a record number of shark attack this is year, 23 in u.s. waters.
7:35 am
experts are stumped. theories include bait fishing, lunar cycles, or global warning. this morning, a brain eating ameba killed a california woman. she experience 9 haiducks and vomiting four days before shedded. and now the health fishes say that the risk of getting the berm is very low. only seven cases have been reported in california. the het officials in washington state say that a woman who died of measles last spring had been vaccinated. but it killed her because she was taking medication that weakened her immune system. the woman was not showing any simpsonville tons--certain toms when he-symptoms when she died. and the governor has signed a law requiring most california
7:36 am
kids with vaccinated in order to be admit today public schools. but anti-vacs nay fors filed a petition to put that law on hold. protests also held in southern california. here is the story from santa monica. >> reporter: people who do not like the law vow, holding value rallies across--holding rallies across the state, promising to repeal sc277. >> we will be out protesting every chance that we get to say we think it is a take over of our freedoms and rights. >> reporter: this protestor makes that point because under sc277, she will have to choose between home schooling and vaccines, which she feels are not safe. the law signed by the governor requires all children to be vaccinated before going to school. and ben alforden says his own father got polio.
7:37 am
>> under similar circumstances, the courts have ruled that it is very mump the right and- -much the right and rule and the responsibility of the state to protect the public. >> reporter: and similar mandates have not been tested, it was heartened by a vaccine survey saying that 67% of people in california support the requirement for public schools. >> there are going be programs in place for those who do not have a reason and refuse. they can, you know, is there going to be home school options, independent study options. >> reporter: but others are hoping that the law never gets that far. they are already trying to gather signatures and they are hoping to change minds before 2016. >> we are going to do everything that we can, everything, whatever that is, we are going to address it very much. the man arrested for the alleged murder of a woman near
7:38 am
san francisco's pier 14 buzz an undocumented imimmigrant. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement was not alerted of his release. the texas resident has been deported five times. and now san francisco became a sanction ware city in 1989. in 008 a man and his two sons were shot and killed in their car on the way home. now the suspect was a 17-year- old gang memorialer in the country illegally. --member in the country illegally. the city did not report him. well, an accident in sacramento county when an apartment stairwell collapsed, killing a man. it happened in folsom, have victim was 27-years-old. >> these stairs are clearly
7:39 am
old. they are crumbling, literally, and we are talking about people's lives, it could have been myself, it could have been a child, and it was a young man. >> work was under way to fix the stairway. the complex is owned by a san francisco based company that operates 10,000 at units across the state. and the balcony that killed six students in berkeley last month is still being repaired. this week, adjudge rule that had the company cannot sit in on parts of the criminal investigation. moat people in california are going to see an increase in their power bill. a new rate structure was approve 9 and it will main rate in--mean rate increases for the most efficient customers. still ahead, a driverless car put to the test. we see them in action on bay area streets. >> plus, she has helped thousands ofout get back on the
7:40 am
right track. meet this oakland woman. >> and here is a live look, you can see ocean beach, cloudy, foggily out there, and a little drizzle. but it is going clear up. a closer look
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
so google's latest version of a self driving car already hitting the streets of mountain view. >> we look at the pro toe type in action. i have seen the future of self driving cars and it is cute. google's next generation officials started to test on public roads in mountain view last week. the car is sleek, with just a black sensor on top. compare that to the old fleet of lexus suvs with senators everywhere. there is any trunk and steal, there is no truck and the steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals are remove the. --removable. we saw them come to pull stops. for some reason, this was driving through the middle of the lanes in neighborhoods. gag also released more about what the car sees with its
7:44 am
spinning radar. it tracks and calculates the path of every moving object. it can recognize a hand signal of a police officer. and over the past six years, google has amassed a vast data base of shapes to help the computer. for years, google has stayed tight lipped about crashes. this picture from 2011 was captured on camera. and now companies have to use this form this report all accidents. but google is now publishing importantly crash reports online. in six years, and more than a million miles, google has been involved in 15 accidents, none of them the fault of the computer. >> whomever is command of the vehicle, they are in control of the driver. at this point in time, there is still technically a driver in the vehicles and that is who we
7:45 am
list. >> reporter: but what if there is no human inside? bmw has a car that can park itself and comes to you when you call it. who is to blame in a wreck with an etchty car? it--with an empty car? >> this is as we go along, we are starting to figure out what needs to take place. >> reporter: the dmv tells us they are working on it, it is obviously that the technology is way ahead of the law. here is how the head of the sol of driving car program ended his car. >> how soon? well, it is hard to sayers because it is a really complicated problem. blue my older son is 11 and that means in four and a half years, he is going to be able to drive. my team and i are commit today making sure that does not happen. thank you. >> reporter: and you are looking at the garage at google x, this is the company's secret research division at the old may field mall and this is
7:46 am
where a lot of the new pod cars launch from every day. right now, there are only two cars on the streets but they have a total of 25 registered. the dmv says they have no time line on drafting the new regulations. all right now, a lock look at the--now a look at the fourth of july forecast. here is a live shot this morning, we are looking at the bay bridge, clouds and fog out there, but you think see that the sun is starting to come through. here is head out the door today, afternoon sunshine around the bay and inland highs remain near seasonal for this time of the year and fireworks, they are best the further inland you are later on tonight. and now a look the some of the highs,--a look at some of highs, mountain view, 83. 80 in union city. and 74 in heyward. ante okay, 89-degrees today.
7:47 am
89 in concord. walnut creek, 88-degrees. in the central bay, berg i will, 67. san francisco, 65. and the north bay, 78-degrees today. so here is your seven day forecast, we are going to see this cooling transgender into sunday and the first half of the--trend into sunday and the first half at week. the clouds roll in tuesday through thursday before the sun returns by the end of the week. so the big question, fourth of july fireworks forecast for later on tonight, around the bay, 58-degrees and you are going to see some clouds, might be hard to see the fireworks. but inland, it will be the best viewing weather, 68-degrees and clear skies. >> we will have color full clouds. in an east oakland neighborhood, there is a woman who has helped thousands of young people. >> we look at this week's jefferson award winner. ♪ [ music ] ♪
7:48 am
>> reporter: ronald easley says that oakland gangs were his life and then when he was 16, fresh out of juvenile hall, ronald game a new man under the guidance ofout june riding. the--uprising. 9 president and founder took him under her wing. >> i said you are going to have to pie for that mistake. >> reporter: today, ronald works as a cook. he says she saved his life. >> i really had no mother or father figure too much. so you know, i look at her like that. >> reporter: they used uprising for people age 13-24. she was working with the county health department when she realized that she could do more. >> the truth is that we are not the mistake that we make. we are not the circumstance that we are born into. we are so much more than that.
7:49 am
and people deserve a chance to become their full self. >> reporter: one of the reasons why youth uprising works is because it opens new doors of opportunity for new people. they have dozens of programs, from art to courses on education, careers, health, and civic participation. and the executive director says that they believe that knotting is impossible if you want to change your life. >> she is a very innovative leader in materials of seeing things that other people cannot see and taking risks that others will not take. >> reporter: they have served 13,700 young people in the last decade, 5000 of them have landed jobs from summer employment to leadership rolls. >> thank you and i love you.
7:50 am
>> well, i thank god how lucky i am to have the chance to have meaning in someone else's life. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: she has helped thousands of youth to rise up, this week's jefferson award in the bay area,. >> she is a native of new york, she didn't have a job, family, or any specific reason to move pack to the bay area. she says that she believes that god brought her here. well, you can nominate your own lot cool hero online--local hero online. all right, coming up after the break, we are going to meet charlie girl. she is a dog but looks like a teddy bear. we will be right back.
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look at dublin this morning, we have some clouds there and the sun is starting to peak through on this fourth of july holiday. so you are heading out to the fair later on today, warm, 87- degrees. sunshine and warm, good place to watch the fireworks later on tonight. already, joining us now is sherry franklin, she has charlie girl, who is just so huggable. she is a really, really, she is really, really sweet. tell us about her. >> well, she is about 9-years- old. and she is completely blind. but she gets around really well. she is very gerund the. she is just the sweetest, most quiet. >> how trained? >> yes. and gets along with the other dogs. she has been sleeping with the other dogs. >> she is so sweet. >> yes, well, she was brought into the shelter with another dog and we are not sure how bonded they are, but they are
7:54 am
both actually still together at my house. and the family was moving, they just could not care for her anymore. >> and this is the type of dog, no offense, charlie girl, that ends up in a shelter, she is older, she is blind, would not make it in a shelter. >> no, no she would not. she is very sweet. very gentle and dogs like this have a lot [ laughter ] to give us. >> yes, she does. and it is international kissing day, in case you didn't know on monday. and you celebrated early. tell us about it. >> well, we are working with a group called scout, and what they did is they sent out this questionnaire and it was who would you rather kiss and one in five people said they would rather kiss their dog than their significant other. >> so, you brought some of your
7:55 am
mutts in to local companies and people got their kiss on. >> so very, very sweet. all right, well, hopefully charlie girl will find an father and mother--found a family of her own. >> yes, sunday, come down and meet 30, 40-degrees. >> and we have owl of the information on our website,
7:56 am
well tomorrow, our political insider is talking about governor arnold schwarzeneggers legacy. >> he has allotted of--he had a lot of things going for him. but on the budget, a disaster, the terminator terminated the california budget for years. >> wait-- >> and we are going have jerry hill in life to talk about the
7:57 am
questions with the company responsible for the berkeley balcony collapse. and is there a bill on the way to die in committee. on a much liter note, chestnuts getting ready to stuff his face at today's fourth of july hot dog eating contest. yesterday he headed into weigh in. this is the events 99th year to gross everyone out. >> yes, it is just the kind of video that you cannot look away from. >> good luck to them. >> go, measuring. hey, one last look at the forecast, here are the highs for today. 70 in oakland. 65 in san francisco. the seven day forecast, getting cooler, partly cloudy in the middle of the week before the sunshine returns for the weekend. >> all right, well, happy fourth of july, everybody, be
7:58 am
7:59 am
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narrator: today on lucky dog, a pint-sized maltese mix could be the perfect remedy for one family's heartache. brandon: they've all suffered a lot of hardships in life, and a dog would bring a lot of happiness. narrator: but before tweety can take a new family under her wing she'll need to focus on her own healing. brandon: you're all ribs, and you're all spine. narrator: because this time it's not just an adoption on the line. it's also a life. brandon: whether she lives or dies, it's all up to me. it's got to be done. i'm brandon mcmillan and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing


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